“No Cars Go,” by Arcade Fire


This is a reminder.

“We know a place where no planes go / We know a place where no ships go . . . ”

Arcade Fire urges all of us, “Let’s go,” only to say, “Don’t know where we’re going.”

We all are given things, objects, that we do not necessarily desire, deserve, or need. The opposite is true for others, as well. But we all come face-to-face with problems brewing deep in our subconscious, sooner or later—and then sooner or later, we must all go on.

Imagination is where we free ourselves from the turmoil and confusion of reality, of physical things. Dreams are how we escape.

Destination is of little importance. Our dreams, in the end, are the only reasons why we are inexorable. And no object, plane, train, car, or submarine can take us to them.

Only us.

“Savages,” by Marina and The Diamonds


Some people declare this as “humanity’s anthem,” as can be seen by scrolling through Youtube’s comment section for this song.

I somewhat agree.

Marina belts out cuttingly-honest lyrics that could describe today’s world down to a T. Of course, saying it is “humanity’s anthem” would be quite the pessimistic approach, but the truth can be ugly. One of her most compelling lyrics is, “Underneath it all, we’re just savages / Hidden behind shirts, ties and marriages.”

Savages, we are.

Marina has no intention towards euphemism, and so her message gets across quite clearly: Humanity sucks. Why?

“Were we born to abuse, shoot a gun and run
Or has something deep inside of us come undone?”

It seems as if Marina is still figuring that out.

In the meantime, let us chill out to the misanthropic vibes this song has to offer, and contemplate existence from a nihilistic standpoint—and maybe, just maybe, we’ll stumble across the answer.

“The Revolution Will Be Streaming,” by Saxon Shore


My first post of the New Year; a blend of dreamy synths and liberating sentiments. Indeed, if revolutions were to morph into a series of musical notes, what Saxon Shore has created is precisely how one would expect it to sound.

I am no soothsayer, but I hope that by sharing this song 2017 will be full of those aspiring to create little revolutions of their own—changes to be a little kinder, wiser, and more open-minded. For me, 2017 will be the year of change, of hope. This song just may inspire the same beliefs in you.

“Intro,” by M83


We didn’t need a story, we didn’t need a real world
We just had to keep walking
And we became the stories, we became the places
We were the lights, the deserts, the far-away worlds
We were you before you even existed…


Five minutes is all it takes for M83 to illustrate the reason for existence.

I’d love to share my interpretation of the lyrics, but this song is very deserving of you and your imagination to generate your own. For those of you who relish those stifling notions of life, death, and the great beyond, I can assure you this will be quite a dose of poetic inspiration.


“Windowsill,” by Arcade Fire


“Windowsill,” by Arcade Fire is truly revolutionary for the twenty-first century. The lyrics suggest crucial issues such as war, climate change, and the shaky role of money in our perpetually-shifting society.

The lines, “You can’t forgive what you can’t forget,” and, “Don’t wanna live in my father’s house no more,” show how our way of society is confined to the struggles of the past. It is a given, that the last generation has passed down their problems to this generation, and we shall do the same for the next. History is mere repetition.

Though this is a song with a soothing melody, it is the meaning behind the words that are worth straining your ears for. I hope you enjoy it!