Random Act Of Kindness: Write Letters to Loved-Ones And Strangers


These recent years have been years of woe; it is more preferred to punch a one-lined spiel into an IM rather than ring up your friend’s phone, and the thrill of receiving an envelope addressed to you in your sibling’s convoluted script happens twice or thrice a decade, maybe less.

Snail-mail is a rarity unless you have a faithful pen-pal or solicitor. Most of us have difficulty remembering how to properly format an address. I cannot recall the last time I received a hand-written letter from someone. To be honest, the random copies of Boy’s Life I find amidst the non-profit forms and catalogs every few weeks or so only lead me into a state of scalp-wrenching perplexity (last I checked, I was never subscribed). These are troubled times, indeed.

Since the letters stuffed into our mailboxes now-a-days have long-worn out of the use of catching up with old companions, why not give it a new purpose? Writing letters are perfect for Random Acts of Kindness. What’s more, the best part about sending a message via postal service is that your words can reach anybody—all that’s needed is an address. No phone number required.


Third Random Act: Write And Send Letters To Family Members, Friends, Or Strangers

Why write a letter to a stranger, first of all?

You know that feeling when you find a wad of coupons to CVS in your mailbox, or unexpectedly received a Valentine in high school? Granted, neither have happened to me, but I can safely assume that finding a personal letter in your mailbox comes with just as beautiful a sensation as getting chocolates on V-Day.

This is what I’d hope a stranger would feel if I were to send them a personalized letter. Writing to them is a way to contribute a little light into someone’s mundane routine, and writing about a feeling or conflict you’re experiencing may help you to feel heard, or less alone in your situation. Odds are, the person you’re writing to are, or will be, experiencing something very similar, and be thankful that there is someone else out there who understands.

It is true—it’s a small, but rare thing to receive a letter. This makes it all the more meaningful. I consider this to be a Random Act of Kindness knowing that these days, writing a letter means expressing appreciation and love towards the recipient.

Anyone could shoot me an email or text, but if I get a letter in the mail, I know that the writer has taken a decent amount of consideration before dropping the envelope down into that metal void. If I receive a letter, I feel that someone out there, stranger or loved-one, sincerely cares about me, and loves me.

Loving and caring—two things we need more of in this world. So, start using the power of the pen, and spread some more around!

rak letter


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