Random Act Of Kindness: Leave A Note For A Stranger

Not too long ago in my youth, I used to be in the wonderful habit of leaving these kinds of sticky notes around public places in the attempt assuage my boredom:


Mind you, this was to my own great amusement, and no one else’s. Now, I’d like to think I’ve moved on to some more mature hobbies, such as:

hobby 2



Anyways. Upon recently coming across a few stacks of old Post-It notes, I had the idea to bring my inconspicuous note-writing to the next level. This time, I vowed to put my creativity to use, and came up with something that would leave a stranger feeling special instead of, well—targeted.

Speaking of which, before we commence, I’d like to ask one question:

What is the Illuminati, anyway?


Second Random Act: Write And Leave A Note For A Stranger

This can be done in any way you’d like. I chose to pack a bunch of my favorite quotes onto a sheet of paper with a brief introduction. It wasn’t a traditional letter, meaning, I hadn’t intended to write about myself, or to a subjective stranger (it is certainly up to you whether you do, or don’t). Quite simply, I thought that stumbling across a list of quotes would be one way that could brighten a stranger’s day, or at least, make it a little more interesting.

That is the only guideline: Write (or draw) something that you feel someone would be pleased to find. Save the rumors and government conspiracies for yourself, please. Make these notes as positive additions to the universe.

Next—where to leave the note? I walked on over to a park near where I live, sat on a bench,  stuck the note under the armrest, and walked away. Generally, as long as you don’t stuff it into someone’s wallet or lamppost, anywhere should be good.

Happy writing!

park letter

4 thoughts on “Random Act Of Kindness: Leave A Note For A Stranger

  1. I live by the motto of RAOK… I always say “random acts of kindness is contagious, pass it on…” Usually though, it involves little things like holding doors open and such. Sometimes, there is a random grocery drop to someone in need. All of it helps, from big to small and should never be underestimated. 🙂

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