Random Act Of Kindness: Bake Treats For Friends


I admit it.

I don’t make enough of a conscious effort to be random. Or kind. Not on a daily basis.

Whenever I do attempt a gallant Random Act, I tend to overcompensate by going to the extremes, usually with a lick of stupidity. Once, I gave a homeless man $40—out of my mother’s pocketbook (big consequences for me). Another time, I decided to lend four of my most favorite novels to a few mutual friends. The books were never to be seen again. (Oh, well—I do try).

I want to give Random Acts another try. This time, in smaller dosages.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to experiment with some new Random Acts Of Kindness, and I invite you follow along and try a few out for yourself. I plan to start small, get a feel for humbler actions before participating in a tree-sit, or dumping my entire savings into the hands of the WWF (which will happen in the near future—as long as I can continue dodging student loans).

So, without further ado…


First Random Act: Bake Treats For Friends

Wednesday night, I whipped up a batch of my favorite chocolate-chip cookie recipe, packed two cookies per pouch of parchment, and hauled them over to school with me the next morning.

I’m the big baker of the group of people who know me. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be surprised when I started dishing out packets of cookies before 8:00 am. But I loved the reactions I got anyway—people were happy to receive them. A few friends didn’t understand when I tried to explain that I was giving food away simply for the sake of giving, but I really do think it made their day. In fact, today, one of them remarked that I’d inspired them to start baking cookies themselves. I’d consider that Random Act a success.

Inspiring someone to make cookies won’t help the world in the grand scheme of things. Still, I decided to do this with the intention of helping worlds—my friends’ worlds. I wanted to do something small, but meaningful. I believe I achieved this. School can be a drag—I know I would’ve loved it if one of my buddies came up to me every once and a while with a freshly-baked cookie to cheer me up.

I encourage you to try it for yourself. Bake a batch of cookies (or any treat!) for your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, the crossing guards, teachers. Bottom line, if you’re a lover of baked goods, it wouldn’t hurt to follow the Golden Rule every once and a while: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Who knows? Somewhere down the line, you might get a free cookie in return.

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