Letters to World Leaders

A couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through the miscellaneous documents in my Finder, and stumbled across a page captioned, “Write a letter.”

I clicked on the document, and found myself reading through what appeared to be a single-sentence writing prompt. After reading it over a couple more times, I concluded that it was not something I had written. To be honest, I don’t remember who wrote the prompt, where I’d found it, or why I’d decided to type it up on a blank Word document some time ago. But whoever wrote it had an amazing point; so I thought, “Hey—why not do it?”

This is what the prompt says:

“Write a simple letter in your own words, to all world leaders, stating that you would like to see that person respect ALL human rights, and that you want to hear a simple yes or no from them. (imagine the effect if lots of people send this kind of letter?…)”

And so, between hectic bursts of speed-studying and grocery shopping, I’ve been spending the past week drafting letters to six of our world’s most powerful leading politicians.

Here is what one of my letters looks like.


“Dear Mr. President,

As I am writing this, you are living your fifth day in as President of the United States of America. Already, I am sure you are receiving a lot of mail filled with relief, loathing, joy, praise, disapproval, uncertainty, despair, anger, etc. Yes, the people are very, very angry with you and your supporters. But, please, do not be quick to ridicule us—I am sure you know that some of us refuse to admit that we, the people, are the only ones to blame for this. Thousands of us have rallied behind you, though thousands more would rather spit at your feet in disgust than have to look you in the eye. I hope you will adjust to this, and come to expect it even more so than in the past few months. You are a politician, now—politics and emotion go hand-in-hand, which inevitably leads to vehement controversy. 

I am writing to you to make one request: please, Mr. President, I urge you to respect all human rights. I am doing my best to put all the terrible things the world has been saying about you behind me, for it is only the fair thing to do. You are no longer Donald Trump the businessman, but President Donald Trump of the United States of America. You deserve a chance to sustain this title in a positive light.

Like I’ve said, I will view you with an open mind, and a cleared vision—but only if you do the same for the rest of us. You say you will listen to the people? Then prove it. When you talk about us, take care to mention the good, not just the “nasty,” or the unchanging. We are past Hillary scandals. We are through with all of the trash on the media, whether it be about you, or any other politician. It is time for the concerns of the humble individual to be taken into account. You, as President, have the extraordinary ability to make that happen.

You must realize that, by becoming President, you have given yourself up for the largest, most impactful cause in the world, as we know it. Screw it up, and you better prepare a substantially-long apology letter. But, if you succeed in bringing more happiness and security—happiness, not greatness—to this country, then you will feel a thousand times more fulfilled than any self-indulgent act could ever reward you with. All we, the people, ask of you is this:

Listen to us, the American people. Even if it is just a few moments throughout your day, forget all that your Vice President has advised you—forget the media, your relatives’ opinions, the ultra-powerful figures you work with daily. Reflect on the people. Never forget us, for if you do, we will know it instantly. 

Listen to the Democrats, the Republicans, the Libertarians, the Anarchists, the Constitutions, the Greens, the Socialists, the Whigs—listen to anyone and everyone. If none of their concerns can alter your decisions or beliefs towards individuals, then please, at best, respect all of our human rights. 

I imagine this letter will either get lost among the many arbitrary government documents and praise-hate letters of others like me. But, if anyone at all ends up reading this, I would much appreciate it if you would take these thoughts into consideration, and perhaps, to heart. Give us an open mind, respect all of our rights and humanity—and we will do the same for you.”


While I did not write letters to all world leaders, I am going to do my best to send out my message either through postal mail, or through email to a select few. The six politicians I have chosen to write are President Donald Trump (U.S.A.), Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Japan), Chancellor Angela Merkel (Germany), President Jacob Zuma (South Africa), Prime Minister Theresa May (U.K.), and Prime Minister Narendra Modi (India).

The chances of my letters being read personally by all six of these politicians are slim to none, but my hope is still aimed towards at least one other human being intercepting my message. I think it would be absolutely amazing if everyone reading this could write at least one letter, however brief it may be, and sent it out to their own country’s leader asking to respect all human rights.

Who knows? That prompt may lead to something, indeed. If I get a response from any of the six politicians, I will be sure to briefly post their reaction (‘briefly,’ for their own privacy, of course).

On a final note, wishing everyone a good weekend, and thank you for reading! Good luck to whoever decides to have a go at this prompt, and feel free to ask me any questions about the structure of my letters, or mailing process. I am open to any prompt suggestions, as well!


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