“Windowsill,” by Arcade Fire


“Windowsill,” by Arcade Fire is truly revolutionary for the twenty-first century. The lyrics suggest crucial issues such as war, climate change, and the shaky role of money in our perpetually-shifting society.

The lines, “You can’t forgive what you can’t forget,” and, “Don’t wanna live in my father’s house no more,” show how our way of society is confined to the struggles of the past. It is a given, that the last generation has passed down their problems to this generation, and we shall do the same for the next. History is mere repetition.

Though this is a song with a soothing melody, it is the meaning behind the words that are worth straining your ears for. I hope you enjoy it!


2 thoughts on ““Windowsill,” by Arcade Fire

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I listened to “Savages,” and can say that was the most honest song I’ve ever listened to thus far. Arcade Fire layers their message with metaphorical phrases and such, but Marina definitely just puts her words out there, no interpretations needed.

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